About the Training Log

Zach Filer is the founder of Iron Club Athletics and the owner of CrossFit Hinge located in Seattle. He is also a Lead Instructor and Chief of Programming for the CrossFit Kettlebell Specialty Course, with over ten years of experience in the fitness industry.

Along with running his own gym, Zach travels all over the world teaching Kettlebell seminars for CrossFit’s SME program. That crazy schedule is represented here on this training log. This is the day to day (or close to it as possible) training that Zach puts himself through, with what time he has available. Busy days at work, travel and other obligations all add up to a bunch of (necessary) distractions in life. Zach’s outlook in his personal training is to just find the time and Train Harder than the excuses not too.

Living life can lead to sporadic training posts from time to time. But it doesn’t mean training ever stops. You can follow Zach working towards finding balance in life and training on this log. There won’t be full explanations on each workout, just what he had written up for himself or what he managed to squeeze in on the road. With that loose structure in mind, this may be a destination to get an idea of Iron Club Training from, or find some inspiration for the day, not a program to follow religiously.

If you’d like to see Zach’s full attention put into structured programming, check out the links listed above. There, you’ll find the unique program design he has implemented based off his work with Jeff Martone on CrossFit Kettlebell, as well as the main program designed for the athletes in his gym and all of the associated Iron Club Charters on CrossFit Hinge.